When you install Windows, it includes a variety of small programs that can be very helpful in performing a number of different tasks.

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    Be On Time with the Alarms & Clock App
In a busy world, with so much going on it's often important and necessary to track time. Fortunately, the Alarms & Clock app found in Windows 10 can help keep you on time.

    Capturing a Screen Shot
There are a lot of reasons why you may want to capture screen shots. This tip shows how easy it is to do it.

    Favorite Weather Locations and News
Keeping track of the weather for various locations and staying on top of weather news can help you plan for activities and know what's going on in the world around you. With the Weather app this is easy to do with the Favorites and News tab.

    Forecast the Weather
Getting a handle on the weather is something that man has been dreaming of since the dawn of time. While you might not be able to control the weather with Windows 10, you can at least know what is going on.

    Getting Started with the Mail App
The Mail app is a great way to access your e-mail. This tip shows you how to get started quickly and easily.

    Historical Weather Information
Historical Weather information can give you insight into what you can expect when it comes to temperature, rainfall, and snow.

    Installing a Native Progressive Web App
Windows 10 with the Edge Chromium browser allows you to install Progressive Web Apps. These allow for fast installation of apps and services on your computer.

    Keeping Time From Around the World
Time marches on throughout the world. With different time zones it can be tricky to keep track of the time in the various locations around the world. Lucky for you Windows 10 includes an easy way to track the time with the world clock.

    Keeping Track of Time with Timers
Often it is necessary to be notified when a set amount of time has gone by. With the Timer tab of the Alarms & Clock app found in Windows 10 you can keep track of multiple timers at the same time.

    Performing Complex Calculations Using the Scientific Calculator
The next time you need to perform calculations at your computer, there's no need to fire up a big spreadsheet program or even reach for your handheld calculator. Windows provides what you need.

    Performing Simple Calculations Using the Calculator
The next time you need to perform calculations at your computer, there's no need to fire up a big spreadsheet program or even reach for your handheld calculator. Windows provides what you need.

    Personalizing the Mail App
The Mail app found in Windows 10 allows for a personalized experience. Discover the personalization that you can quickly modify with in the Mail app.

    Quick Assist for Quick Help
Many times, in our lives we will be asked, or we will ask, for computer help. Windows 10 offers a quick way of doing this with Quick Assist. Providing a fast and easy way to connect with other Windows 10 machines.

    Quick Event Creation
Windows 10 November 2019 update provides a quick method to add a calendar event. This new method allows you to create an event without needing to launch the Calendar app.

    Setting Signatures within Mail
A staple for many people's emails is the inclusion of a signature. Signatures, if enabled, are added automatically to any outgoing email message. Mail makes adding a signature quick and easy.

    Tagging with Photos
Memories are an important part of our lives. Keeping track of those memories is important, too. The Photos app within Windows 10 helps you by allowing you to tag your family and friends in your pictures.

    Timing With the Stopwatch
Time today is a trackable in many ways. Windows 10 includes the Alarm & Clock app that allows you to manage time in various ways, including using a stopwatch.

    Use Notepad as a Journal
As you go through the day or work on a project, you may find it helpful to write thoughts or inspirations down and have them organized by time and date. You can use a Notepad file to automatically add the time and date each time you open the file.

    Using Notepad
The Notepad editor is about as old as Windows itself, yet it still has its uses even today. Here are some ideas on how to use this venerable old program.

    Using the Character Map
There may be times when you need to insert special characters that aren't found on your keyboard. Windows provides a utility, the Character Map, which allows you to insert various special characters from the fonts installed on your computer.

    Using the Disk Cleanup Wizard
There are a lot of files that "hang around" on your system that you probably don't intend to keep (if you even realize they're there). The Disk Cleanup Wizard is a quick way to remove these files from your system, thus freeing up some disk space.

    Using the Snipping Tool
Being able to capture portions of the screen can come in handy for a wide variety of reasons. The Windows snipping tool is a great utility that helps you with this.

    Using the Sound Recorder
Over the years Windows has included many accessories you can use for a variety of purposes. One of the more arcane accessories allows you to record a sound file and save it to your system.

    Using the Voice Recorder
Windows 10 includes the new Voice Recorder app. Ideal for recording lectures, cute things your kids say, musical performances and anything else that else you want to record.

    Weather Maps
Your local meteorologist has access to some handy weather maps. With Windows 10 and the Weather app, you have access to six weather maps.

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