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    Camera Privacy
Your computer's camera allows you to connect with people in engaging ways. Whether used to login to your computer or for video conferencing, your camera can pose a privacy concern. You can configure Windows 10 to provide better privacy when a camera is hooked up to your computer.

    Camera Privacy Settings
Using a web camera with your computer opens all sorts of opportunities. Set your computer's Camera Privacy Settings to make sure you're not opening yourself to possible dangers.

    Changing User Permissions for a File
All objects on your computer (e.g., files) have permissions that allow or deny various types of access. This tip shows you how to change user permissions for a file.

    Changing User Permissions for an Entire Drive
All objects on your computer (e.g., disk drives) have permissions that allow or deny various types of access. This tip shows you how to change user permissions for an entire drive.

    Easily Running a Program as the Administrator
In order to run some programs properly in the Windows environment, you'll need to do so using administrator privileges. This tip shows how easy it is to perform this task.

    Encrypting a File Folder
Want to make the data stored on your system more secure? Think about enabling the built-in encryption capabilities of Windows for a specific file folder. Here's how to do it.

    Limiting the Number of Login Attempts
You probably don't want to allow someone to continually attempt to login to your system until they finally guess your password. You can mitigate the risk of this happening by limiting the number of login attempts. This tip tells you how.

    Logging In with Local vs. Microsoft Credentials
In Windows 10, you can choose to login using your local account or by using your Microsoft credentials. How to switch back and forth is the subject of this tip.

    Modifying How Windows Notifies You of Impending Changes
Part of the security system built into Windows involves notifying you when changes are about to occur to your system. Here's how to modify when you are notified of potential changes.

    Ransomware Defense
Ransomware attacks can cause your system and data to become inaccessible. These dangerous and potentially costly attacks can wreak havoc. Use Ransomware Protection in Windows 10 to help protect your data and computer.

    Recovering a Forgotten Administrator Password
Forgetting your administrator password may be cause for panic because there is no supported way to discover it. Before you reach for your Windows installation disk, though, you might want to try the two tools presented in this tip.

    Review and Clear Bing Search History
Search engines are a great way to gather information about the world around us. While a search engine presents information from around the world, it's also collecting information on you. If you use Bing as your search engine, you can review, edit, and clear out your search history from Bing easily.

    Tracking Prevention
Websites have been tracking users' web traffic for a long time, keeping data on website visits and your surfing behaviors. Prevent unnecessary tracking with Tracking Prevention built into Microsoft Edge Chromium.

    Understanding Action Center
Action Center provides you with a quick overview of security and maintenance issues and allows you to drill down to the details to address them. Here's a quick overview of what you can do using Action Center.

    Understanding Data Execution Prevention
Windows has many malware-prevention features. One of these is Data Execution Prevention. This tip provides an explanation of this important security feature.

    Understanding Windows SIDs
This tip presents some information about Windows SIDs (Security Identifiers) and shows you some tools that you can use to discover them.

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