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    Adding a Printer
One of the most common output devices used with computers is a printer. This tip explains, in detail, how you can set up Windows to work with your printer.

    Adjusting Print Margins in Microsoft Edge
Printing hard copies of web pages can be difficult when you want the printout to have margins suitable for storing the file in a three-ring binder or for other binding methods. Microsoft's Edge Chromium makes this easier by allowing you to specify the margins you desire.

    Changing Your Printer Settings
Want to change how your printer does its work? You can easily control your printer by modifying the settings maintained by Windows.

    Creating a Printer Pool
If you work in an office with many users, your system may have access to a group of printers. Here's how you can set up those printers into a pool that provides greater flexibility in actually creating your printed output.

    Creating an XPS Document
Creating an XPS document is as easy as printing a document. This tip explains how.

    CutePDF Writer
CutePDF Writer is an extremely versatile utility that allows you to create PDF files from virtually any application that permits you to print. When you want to create a PDF file, you simply choose CutePDF Writer as the printer and you'll quickly have a PDF version of your document.

    Deleting a Printer
When you get rid of an old printer and install a new one, you'll want to get rid of the old printer definition maintained in Windows. Here's how to get rid of that printer definition you no longer need.

    Disabling Printing in Edge Chromium
Do you need to disable printing within Edge Chromium? You can use the Registry Editor to disable or enable printing.

    Limiting when Others Can Use Your Shared Printer
Sharing resources on a network can be a great help to everyone. However, you might not want to always make your printer available to others. Here's how to limit when others can print to your printer.

    PDF on Demand
Many times, it helps to have a PDF of a file that can be distributed electronically when physical printouts are not practical or desirable. Windows 10 now includes the option to print to PDF from the Print dialog box.

    Printing a Test Page
Windows includes the ability to print a test page to a printer. This is a good idea when you want to check whether the operating system is communicating properly with the printer.

    Printing to a PDF File in Windows 10
Want to easily create a PDF file from your favorite program? Windows 10 makes it easy with a built-in PDF printer driver. Here's how to use it.

    Quick Photo Printing
Windows 10 allows for quick and easy printing of your photos at standard photo sizes. You can start printing your photos directly from the Explorer window.

    Renaming A Printer
Windows 10 names new printers using default names assigned by manufacturers. Rename your printers to a name you choose.

    Specifying the Default Printer
Windows allows you to define many printers that can be used with your system. Chances are good that one of those printers is the one you use most often. Here's how to tell Windows which printer should be used by default.

    Stopping or Deleting a Print Job
Knowing how to stop or delete a print job can save lots of paper and also lots of embarrassment if you happen to accidentally send the wrong file to the printer.

    Understanding XPS Documents
XPS Documents have been around for several years and are now making their way into the native Windows environment. They serve as an alternative to PDF under certain circumstances.

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