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    Adding a Password to a User Account
Passwords on user accounts are a great way to enhance security for a computer system. Here's how you can add a password to any user account you desire.

    Adding a User Account
Windows allows you to set up individual user accounts in case there are multiple people using the same computer. Here's how to create accounts for each user on a system.

    Changing a User's Account Type
There are several different account types in Windows. This tip tells you how to change from one account type to another.

    Changing an Account's Picture
You may want to customize your account so that it uses a picture of your own choosing. This tip tells you how to change an account's picture.

    Changing How User Account Control Works
The User Account Control (UAC) model allows an administrator to control when (or if) they are to be notified when a system-level change is about to be made. It can be fine-tuned according to various criteria as described in this tip.

    Changing Your Windows 7 Password
Want to change the password you use when you log into Windows? It's easy to do, as you discover in this tip.

    Changing Your Windows 8 Account Picture
Want to personalize your Windows 8 experience a bit more? One way is by attaching a picture to your account, as discussed in this tip.

    Creating a PIN for Sign-in
Add an extra level of security to your computer to protect your data. A PIN allows for added peace of mind and use.

    Deleting a User Account
Windows allows you to define individual user accounts for different people using a computer. If a person no longer needs access to the system, it is a good idea to get rid of their user account.

    Getting a List of User Accounts
Part of managing a computer system that is shared by multiple people is to keep track of all the user accounts on that system. Here's a quick way to see what user accounts actually exist.

    Getting Rid of Your Windows 7 Password
When you get rid of your Windows login password, you accomplish two things. First, you make it easier to log onto your system. Second, you make it easier for unauthorized people to use your system

    Switching between Users in Windows
You can switch between users (and come back) without having to close down your current workspace. This tip tells you how just a few clicks are all that's needed.

    Understanding the Guest Account
If lots of people may need temporary access to your computer, then you may want to set up the Guest user account. Before doing so, you need to understand a bit more about this special account.

    Understanding User Account Control
User Account Control is a security mechanism that defends against malware or accidents from making system-level changes without the permission (or knowledge) of an administrator.

    Understanding User Account Types
Windows supports three different types of user accounts. The type of account associated with a user is determined by how that user is going to use the system.

    Using the Sign Out Feature
To switch users without going through the lengthy reboot process, just sign out. It's not too obvious how to do this, but this tip leads you through it.

    Using Your Own Picture as an Account Picture
You can easily customize your computing experience by using your own picture as your account picture. This tip explains how.

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