One of the great tools that Windows makes available at the command line is PowerShell. Using the commands it makes available, users can perform powerful tasks quickly and easily.

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    Change your Computer's Name with PowerShell
Your computer has a name that is separate from your account name. You can use PowerShell to change the name of your computer.

    Check your PC's Uptime with PowerShell
Every time a computer restarts, it runs through processes that help its performance. You can use PowerShell to see how long your computer has been running.

    Counting the Number of Files or Subfolders Using PowerShell
Do you need to determine the number of files or subfolders there are in a folder? You can use PowerShell to quickly count the number of items contained inside a folder.

    Introduction to PowerShell
PowerShell is found on all modern Windows computers. You might think of it as the next step up from the command line .bat file processor. If you get comfortable with PowerShell, you may not want to go back to .bat files at all!

    Passing Parameters to a PowerShell Script
Like the older batch-file processor, PowerShell can accept parameters. This allows for flexibility in your script. This tip shows you the two ways to pass parameters to a PowerShell script.

    PowerShell Input and Output
When dealing with a scripting language like PowerShell, one of the first things you need to learn is how to get data into and out of the script. This tip shows you how.

    Use PowerShell to Find Your Computer Serial Number
When you need your computer's serial number you can look it up without looking on the outside of the box. Use PowerShell to easily look up the serial number for your computer.

    Using PowerShell to Find Your Wireless Signal Strength
Wi-Fi signal strength is important for faster, more consistent data transfers. You can use PowerShell to gain a more precise signal strength level.

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