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Written by Eric Wyatt (last updated March 4, 2019)


Have you ever come across a web site or another file that you wish you could save as a PDF to help you send it around to other people? Windows 10's Fall creator update now provides a Print to PDF feature. PDF files allow you to create a Portable Document Format file that you can send from one computer to another without the file changing or loosing formatting.

To create a PDF, follow these simple steps with in your program of choice:

  1. From your program of choice press Ctrl+P. This opens the Print dialog box.
  2. Using the Printer drop-down list (top-left corner of the dialog box), choose the "Microsoft Print To PDF" option. Choose all the other applicable Print options you wish to set. (See Figure 1.)
  3. Figure 1. The Printer drop-down within the Print dialog box.

  4. Click the Print button. Windows opens the Save dialog box, prompting you to choose where to save the PDF and to provide a name for the file.

With the Microsoft Print to PDF feature you will be able to save your files so you can send them to other users, all while knowing that they will look the same on their machine as they do on yours.

 This tip (438) applies to Windows 10.

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2019-03-04 10:40:31

David H.

Not exactly related to this tip, but it brings to mind a question I have. The newer versions of MS Office Products such as Word and Excel, allow saving these files as PDF files using the "Save As" dialog box. Alternatively, you can also utilize the "Print" dialog and select "Print to PDF" to seemingly accomplish the same result. Which is these two methods is the preferred method for saving these files as PDFs? Is there any resulting difference in formatting, etc. between these two methods? Thank you for the great tips!

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