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    Changing Media Player Skins
Windows Media Player is a popular application used for audio applications. It can be customized to use different skins by following the process in this tip.

    Creating a Media Player Playlist
Windows Media Player lets you manager all sorts of media. One way to do this is by creating playlists. This tip describes how to create a playlist.

    Creating an Auto Playlist
Auto Playlists are a nice feature of Windows Media Player. Once set up, as more media gets added to your library the auto playlist automatically gets updated according to criteria that you specify. This tip shows how to create an Auto Playlist.

    Deleting a Media Player Playlist
Most people like to keep their Windows Media Player organized. One way to maintain it is to keep track of the various playlists that you've created. This tip shows how to delete a playlist.

    Editing a Media Player Playlist
Windows Media Player lets you create, edit, and delete playlists over time. This tip explains how to add and delete items from a playlist.

    Ripping Songs from Audio CDs
Ripping songs from audio CDs is fairly simple, but the actual process varies from application to application.

    Using Media Player
Windows Media Player can do many things, many of which are covered in other tips. This tip provides the basic overview of using Media Player to play music.

    Using Media Player to Burn an Audio CD
One of the many things you can do with Windows Media Player is to burn audio CDs. This tip shows you how.

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