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    Changing the Characteristics of the Recycle Bin
Windows allows you to easily configure the properties associated with the Recycle Bin. This tip provides an overview of what you can change.

    Get a Sense of Your Storage
Over time our computers can become bogged down by items in the Recycle Bin or by temporary files. To help free up space on your computer, Windows 10 includes the new Storage Sense feature. This tool can help you clean things up when needed.

    Permanently Deleting Items
Want to permanently get rid of an object rather than simply moving it to the Recycle Bin? Here are a couple of tricks you can use.

    Resizing the Recycle Bin
The Recycle Bin is a great feature that allows you to recover files that you didn't intend to delete. But you may find its default size isn't appropriate for how you use your system. You can change the size of the Recycle Bin with just a few clicks.

    Restoring Items in the Recycle Bin
Placing something in the Recycle Bin does not mean it is gone forever. After placing something there, you may change your mind and want to "undelete" it. Here's how.

    Toggling Delete Confirmation
When you delete a file, Windows typically asks you if you are sure you want to make the deletion. You can control this behavior, though. This tip tells you how.

    Understanding the Recycle Bin
The place where Windows stores files and other items you intend to delete is called the Recycle Bin. Understanding how to use the Recycle Bin is integral to using Windows.

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