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    Changing Your System Date and Time
Need to change the date and time maintained by Windows? It's easy to do using the steps in this tip.

    Creating Additional Clocks
Want to keep track of what time it is in various areas of the world? Windows makes it easy by allowing you to display multiple clocks (up to three of them).

    Deleting Additional Clocks
Windows can display up to three separate clocks so you can keep track of what time it is in various time zones. If you want to delete any of these additional clocks, you can follow the steps in this tip.

    Displaying a Calendar
Want to know what today is? How about the date for next Thursday or the second Friday in October? Windows can display a handy calendar that answers these questions and more.

    Hiding the System Date and Time
Windows normally displays the current date and time at the rightmost side of the Taskbar. You can hide the date and time, if you are so inclined.

    More Clocks to Track Time
As you work you may need to keep track of the time in various locations or time zones. Add additional clocks to the clock in the Taskbar.

    Specifying a Time Server for Windows to Use
Windows can utilize resources on the Internet to make sure that your computer's internal clock is working at the right time. Here's how to specify which Internet time server Windows should rely upon.

    Understanding Regional Settings
Microsoft Windows is "globally friendly." By this I mean that regardless of where you are in the world, you can easily configure the settings that are specific to your locale.

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