Lock Screen

The lock screen is the first thing you see when you turn on your computer. After seeing the same face every day, are you wishing for a change? Here are some tips on how to add some variety to your day—and the lock screen.

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    Changing Lock Screen Apps
The Lock Screen can show you much more than just a pretty picture. Here's how to display just the information you want on the first screen you see in Windows.

    Changing the Lock Screen's Background Picture
Don't like the picture you first see when you look at your computer? Windows makes it easy to change the Lock Screen picture to just about anything you'd like.

    Getting Rid of the Lock Screen
The Lock Screen is handy on mobile devices but may be a bother on your desktop PC. Here's how to turn the Lock Screen off so it won't slow you down anymore.

    Understanding the Lock Screen
Start up your Windows system, and chances are good that you'll see the Lock Screen almost immediately. Since this is the first thing you see in Windows, it is a good idea to understand what this screen does and what you can change about it.

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