Windows provides a number of desktop gadgets (sometimes called widgets) that can help provide key information or provide small, task-oriented tools. Putting them on your desktop and working with them is easy, as described in these tips.

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    Adding and Removing Desktop Widgets
You can add and remove widgets on a whim. Both operations are just a couple of mouse clicks away. Removing a widget from the desktop does not remove it from your system. However, you can uninstall a widget from your system with ease.

    Finding New Desktop Widgets
Although there are several widgets that come with Windows, a lot more are available if you're willing to do a little Web surfing. Here's how to find them.

    Removing a Desktop Gadget
Gadgets can be fun and/or useful. If you want to free up a little desktop real estate, though, this tip tells you how to remove them.

    Understanding Desktop Widgets
Widgets are small, lightweight applications that continually run on your desktop to provide information. You can add, delete, and move widgets as you wish, and even customize them to suit your purposes. Widgets provide a nice touch to your Windows experience.

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