Edge Chromium Setting URLs

by Eric Wyatt
(last updated May 10, 2021)

When Microsoft updated its browser to run on Chromium open source, thus becoming Edge Chromium, it brought many changes to how the program works. One of the most significant changes is how you access the settings for the browser. Following other Chromium-based web browsers, Edge Chromium's settings are accessed within the browser window itself, with no drop-down windows or dialog boxes that have to open first. By handling the settings within the web browser itself, you can type in a URL to instantly go to the settings section you want. Below is a list of all the settings that have shortcut URLs along with the URL. Simply enter the shortcut URL in the address bar and press Enter.

Shortcut URL Go to Settings
Edge://Settings Edge's main settings page
Edge://Settings/Profiles Profiles section
Edge://Settings/Passwords Password manager
Edge://Settings/Payments Stored payment details
Edge://Settings/Addresses Saved addresses
Edge://Settings/ImportData Import browser data to Edge from other installed browsers like Chrome or Safari
Edge://Settings/Privacy Privacy settings page
Edge://Settings /PrivacyBlockedTrackers Manage blocked trackers
Edge://Settings/PrivacyTrackingPreventionExceptions Tracking prevention exceptions
Edge://Settings/ClearBrowser Open delete browsing data pop-up
Edge://Settings/ClearBrowsingOnClose Setup what data to clear when closing Edge
Edge://Settings/Appearance Customize browser appearance page
Edge://Settings/OnStartup Change startup page
Edge://Settings/NewTabPage Open a new tab page
Edge://Settings/Content Cookie and site permission
Edge://Settings/Content/Cookies Manage cookies
Edge://Settings/Content/Location Location access permission
Edge://Settings/Content/Camera Camera access permission
Edge://Settings/Content/Microphone Microphone access permission
Edge://Settings/Content/Sensors Motion or light sensor setting
Edge://Settings/Content/Notifications Manage notifications
Edge://Settings/Content/Javascript Enable or disable JavaScript
Edge://Settings/Content/Flash Adobe Flash setting
Edge://Settings/Content/Images Images permission for website
Edge://Settings/Content/Popups Pop-ups and redirects
Edge://Settings/Content/Ads Manage ads
Edge://Settings/Content/BackgroundSync Allow background sync
Edge://Settings/Content/AutomaticDownloads Control multiple automatic control from a website
Edge://Settings/Content/UnsandboxedPlugins Unsandboxed plugin access
Edge://Settings/Content/Handlers Manage handlers
Edge://Settings/Content/MidiDevices Manage access to MIDI devices by websites
Edge://Settings/Content/ZoomLevels View zoom levels for specific website
Edge://Settings/Content/UsbDevices Manage permissions for USB access by websites
Edge://Settings/Content/SerialPorts Manage permissions for serial port access by websites
Edge://Settings/Content/FileEditing Manage file editing permission
Edge://Settings/Content/PDFDocuments PDF opening method
Edge://Settings/Content/Protectedcontent Enable playing protected content
Edge://Settings/Content/Clipboard Allow websites to access computer's clipboard
Edge://Settings/Content/PaymentHandler Control payment handler access
Edge://Settings/Content/MediaAutoplay Allow autoplaying audio and videos
Edge://Settings/Content/InsecureContent Block insecure content
Edge://Settings/Content/VR Manage Virtually reality device and data access
Edge://Settings/Content/AR Manage Augmented reality device and data access
Edge://Settings/Content/ApplicationLinks Allow apps to open from a link
Edge://Settings/DefaultBrowser Set Edge as default browser on your PC or Mac
Edge://Settings/Downloads View and manage downloads
Edge://Settings/FamilySafety Setup family features in Edge
Edge://Settings/Languages Change translation language
Edge://Settings/Printing Manage printers
Edge://Settings/System Manage system settings
Edge://Settings/Reset Reset settings page
Edge://Settings/ResetProfile Reset profile settings pop-up
Edge://Settings/Devices Setup phone and other devices
Edge://Settings/Help About Edge and trigger browser update
Edge://Settings/Search Address bar and search setting
Edge://Settings/SearchEngines Manage search engines
Edge://History/All Manage browsing history
Edge://Apps Manage installed apps in Edge
Edge://Extensions Go to Edge extensions page
Edge://Extensions/Shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts for extensions

Shortcut URLs within Edge Chromium will allow you to access the settings you wish to modify quickly.

 This tip (13857) applies to Windows 10.

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