News and Interest Widget in the Taskbar

Written by Eric Wyatt (last updated June 14, 2021)

With a recent update to Windows, Microsoft has added a new feature to the Taskbar. This new feature places a widget on the right side of the taskbar near the clock. This widget provides a light overview of information including weather, news, stocks, and sports. All content provided through this widget is from Microsoft's own Microsoft News network. Microsoft is using AI to tailor the news to you based on a network consisting of more than 4,500 sources.

The News and Interest feature is turned on automatically once your computer has been updated to the newest Windows build. You will know it is enabled by seeing an icon, correlating to the weather in your area. The News and Interest widget expands, when you hover over the widget, to show additional content. You can scroll through the content and click on the information you wish to see more of and it will open on your web browser. If you see something that you wish to read later, because you're too busy now, you can save it for viewing later.

Turning the News and Interest feature off is very simple and is done in two mouse clicks.

  1. Right-click on any open space on the Taskbar, or on the widget itself. This brings up the Taskbar menu.
  2. Go towards the top of the Taskbar menu and hover your mouse over the News and Interest section. A secondary menu appears.
  3. Click on "Turn Off." This immediately turn off the News and Interest widget.

The News and Interest widget is capable of providing you content easily and is easy to turn off if you don't want to utilize it.

 This tip (13872) applies to Windows 10.

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