A new week is upon us!

Last week I lamented the quickness of time and how it's passing seems faster and faster. Many of you expressed the same feeling. A fellow reader, Rick, shared the following article with me:


It's a great read about the events of life and how they affect our memories. This all coincided with my wife letting me read her journals from when she was a young girl. We discovered that we had many similar outlooks on young childish life. It was a truly great experience. As a result, we realized that we needed to start journaling again. So this week, I bought my wife and me new journals. We decided that we would also encourage our two children to journal, and bought them journals as well. Hopefully, when they reach my age they'll be able to look back through their journals, and while many years will have passed. The memories they write about won't seem so distant.

Thank you, everyone, for the words you shared. I hope you enjoy this week's tips.


WindowsTips for 13 August 2018

Windows runs your computer
 Changing the Size of the Taskbar

The Taskbar is the "heart" of managing your work in Windows. Fortunately, it can be sized to your heart's content. This tip tells you how.

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Pay a Visit to Formville

Need invoices, statements, receipts, applications, and hundreds of other business forms you can put to use right away? How about if you can get those forms for free? Discover what awaits you in Formville, your destination for free printable business forms.

Date and time
 Specifying a Time Server for Windows to Use

Windows can utilize resources on the Internet to make sure that your computer's internal clock is working at the right time. Here's how to specify which Internet time server Windows should rely upon.

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 Rolling Back a Driver

Sometimes when you update a driver, you find that your computer is performing worse than it did before the update. Fortunately, you can easily roll back your driver to a previous version.

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