A New Week

This last week here in our small part of the world we were blessed with the first snow storm of the fall season. Over the course of the last several days we have received a good amount of snow coverage. I mention that we were blessed, in that we were in need of some moisture and if this last week is any indication we are in for plenty of snow this fall/winter.

I hope that your week has been good to you and those you care about. I appreciate your ongoing support and wonderful messages you share with me. I hope your week goes well, and the way you hope.


WindowsTips for 15 October 2018

 Adjusting Vison Settings in the Ease of Access Center

If you have vision impairments that affect your ability to use your computer, Windows 10's Ease of Access Center can help make your computer easier to use. This tip covers in quick detail the settings you can change in the Ease of Access Center.

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Discover More About Microsoft Word!

You can find focused information to help you master Word's powerful tools, extend your use of Word, and discover exciting possibilities. Get the answers you need with one of our Tips.Net e-books focusing on Word. Great value you can download today!

 Configuring Automatic Windows Updates

One of the practices you should adopt to keep your system running smoothly is to keep it updated with the latest Microsoft patches. You can configure automatic updates so this happens behind the scenes without you having to remember to check for them.

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Web and online
 Figuring Out Your IP Address

If you computer communicates over a network or over the Internet, it uses an IP address. This tip explains what an IP address is and how you can find out which address your system is using.

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