Happy Father's Day

Yesterday, here in the United States it was Father's Day, a day in which we honor the men in our lives who sacrifice and do so much for their children. This, in my family, has been a great time for a couple of reasons. First, as you know, I recently moved to work with my father. This has provided me the chance to see and be reminded on a daily basis, that he is a selfless father, and a wonderful grandfather to my two children (and their cousins.)

The second is that we were able to celebrate his birthday (it was last Monday.) It was great to celebrate my fathers birth while also honoring my father.

Last week, really has was a great week for us Wyatt's. I am hopeful that this week will be just as good. Not just for that Wyatt family here in Wyoming, but also for you.


WindowsTips for 18 June 2018

 Displaying Details about an Audio File

Audio files have additional attributes that other files don't have. This tip describes how you can display these additional attributes.

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Multimedia is a powerful tool
 Burning an Audio Disc

You can use your system to create audio CDs that you can listen to in other places, such as your car. You just have to understand how to use the tools that Windows provides for this purpose.

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Add UserForms to Your Macros

Still relying on message boxes and input boxes to communicate with the users of your Word and Excel macros? Take your macros to the next level by creating your own UserForms. Discover how in the information-packed Creating VBA UserForms course. Low cost; great instruction--check it out today!

 Getting Started with Continue on PC

In todays on-the-go lifestyle, we tend to have multiple electronic devices. Easily being able to connect our devices can enable us to continue our work from one device to another.

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