Happy Monday to You!

Today marks a semi-big day for me. Today marks 40 years on this big blue marble we call Earth. I am fortunate to be able to spend the day with my wife and kids. One of my birthday wishes this year, is for each of you to have a wonderfully great day, as you start off your week. Happy Monday!


WindowsTips for 19 August 2019

 Changing Where New Media is Saved

You can specify where Windows 10 saves new media. This quick change will allow you to better control how your media is organized.

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Word Macros, from the Ground Up

Macros are the key to making Word do what you really want it to do. I've written a complete tutorial that explains, from the ground up, how you can harness the power of macros. Word VBA Guidebook provides the information you need to finally conquer Word macros.

 Enlarging Screen Font Size

Sometimes things appearing on the screen are a bit too small to read easily. One possible solution is to adjust the size of the font Windows uses to display information. Here's how you can make the change.

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Web and online
 Creating a Desktop Shortcut for a Favorite Web Page

If you visit a certain Web page frequently, you may wish to create a desktop shortcut to take you there. This tip tells you how.

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