Reunion Time

As you read this today there is a good chance that I will be driving with my family to a small family reunion on my wife’s side for the next three days. It is an event that we have been looking forward to since it was canceled last year. The only draw back is that the next few days will be very hot, with an estimated average high of 108 degrees.

Hope this week find you well, stay cool my friends.


WindowsTips for 21 June 2021

 Quickly Format a USB Drive with File Explorer

USB flash drives are a very helpful addition to store and transfer data. Discover how to format a USB drive using File Explorer.

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Word Macros, from the Ground Up

Macros are the key to making Word do what you really want it to do. I've written a complete tutorial that explains, from the ground up, how you can harness the power of macros. Word VBA Guidebook provides the information you need to finally conquer Word macros.

 Keeping Track Of Your Timeline

Sometimes you need to go back and revisit an activity you were doing from a couple of days ago. With the new Timeline feature of Windows 10 April 2018 update, you can easily find the activity you were working on and continue where you left off.

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Control Panel
 Adding and Deleting Fonts

Sometimes a document you're working on needs a font different from what comes with Windows. In such a case, a simple Web search and a quick installation will add new fonts to what's available by default.

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