Christmas is Coming!

The Christmas decorations went up around the Wyatt household went up doing the past week. We pulled out the dusty boxes stored in the attic and unpacked what we so-carefully packed almost a year ago. The tree is up, decked out with lights and ornaments. The nativity scenes are on the mantle, the Christmas candles spread throughout the house, and the Christmas cards are being addressed.

Within the past week there was also a Festival of Lights parade in our small town. It consisted of, by my count, less than 10 "floats," with the last one (being a school bus) having Santa Claus on top, tossing candy to those lining Main Street. It was a fun time to see the kids enjoying the decorated vehicles and enjoying the season.

I love this time of year!


WindowsTips for 11 December 2017

 Understanding and Using File Attributes

Every file has several attributes associated with it. These attributes can be turned on or off in a couple of ways and govern how you interact with the file.

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 Performing Complex Calculations Using the Scientific Calculator

The next time you need to perform calculations at your computer, there's no need to fire up a big spreadsheet program or even reach for your handheld calculator. Windows provides what you need.

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Word Macros, from the Ground Up

Macros are the key to making Word do what you really want it to do. I've written a complete tutorial that explains, from the ground up, how you can harness the power of macros. Word VBA Guidebook provides the information you need to finally conquer Word macros.

 Using Robocopy with File Sizes and Ages

Robocopy is a robust file copy utility built into Windows. The various switches built into the program provide very powerful ways that you can copy files. Here's how you can adjust what is copied based on file size and age.

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